Saturday, April 28, 2007

هنبطل و هنسافر و هنسيب

أما يكون مصير العلماء المخلصين الجادين اللي عايزين يقدموا حاجة للبلد بجد زي مصير د. خالد عودة و د. عصام حشيش، يبقى هنبطل
أما يكون مصير رجال الأعمال الشرفاء نظيفي اليد الذين يسعون لتنمية حقيقية في البلد زي مصير م. خيرت الشاطر و م. حسن مالك يبقى هنسافر
أما يكون مصير نواب محترمين زي مصير د. جمال حشمت يبقى هنسيب

أما يكون كل وظيفة العالم و الباحث إنه يسرق رسالة عشان يترقى يبقى دي مش بلد علم
أما يكون كل مهمة رجل الأعمال ملء الكرش و استنزاف الجيوب يبقى دي مش بلد إنتاج
أما يكون كل مهمة النائب حماية الفساد و التستر عليه و اشتراكه معه في شبكة المصالح المتداخلة تبقى دي عزبة

دي مش بلدنا !! ـ

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Boo7a - the first "Egyptian 3D Game"

This is my complete reply on mmeshref's response about Boo7a:

0 - for whom asked, check this about the game and the company

1- it's a trivial concept that outsourced work is The Property of the contracting company not the outsourcing company..., "Egyptian" doesn't "place" !

2- Egyptian doesn't mean "staff", you neither can consider Ahmed Zowail's discoveries "Egyptian" nor can you consider Technology developed at Microsoft Egyptian or Indian !

3- I should only blame myself if I did a lot of work, researches or inventions and didn't advertise for it nor did I market it... but working in silence until another one do the same, then he deserves the lead and I'll just fall in the silly cycle of crying about "success stealers" and "success enemies" !!

4- Who needs real support is who struggles to produce a national product in his country, who forms a company in his country, who hires employees in his country, who participates in developing the economy of his country, who refuses a lot of very attractive offers from multinationals here and abroad in different western countries for the sake of his dream in his country.

5- This is who deserves our full support and not the one who chooses the easy way, who sells his great work for a high class car, who doesn't strive against giants, who stops working in a competitive engine and accepts being swallowed by a great fish.... which support would you give and for the sake of what ?!

6- A final note, I hope from you to be more objective and stop this campaign you started against them since a while and try to be more positive by giving them support or just by silence... and if CellFactor developers really were harmed in some way, let them express that themselves in their way.