Wednesday, July 25, 2007

metered ADSL ?

this piece of news is 3 years old..,
يظهر انهم لقوا ان ما يصحش تكون بلاد الواق واق سابقانا بخطوات كتير للخلف كدة !

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beyond Social Bookmarking

One of the services introduced in the Web 2.0 boom is social bookmarking, where people can share, organize and categorize their bookmarks (favorites) and promote any links they see useful for some purpose, where sharing all that with each other is the key of Web 2.0 user-centric services (or community-driven web).

From these social bookmarking services I was inspired by . But before going to create an account on, I discovered ClipClip, which introduced a new concept beyond just bookmarking and tagging. It's that you are able to clip parts of the web page you'd like to bookmark for future reference as if you clip a piece of newspaper page. This is great to clip just important parts of what you read and comments to it, and preserving clips is very useful if the bookmark changed or went away.

Now the time comes to say Googbye to ClipClip after giving a try to Diigo for the following reasons:
- A look at rich Diigo features says a lot about a very promising service
- with Diigo you can highlight (clip) different parts of the web page and multiple comments on each, while in ClipClip you've to re-clip the same web page different time to do so
- The killer feature for me is that, with the Diigo toolbar, you can do all clipping and commenting offline or at least without bothering you waiting for connection and communicating with server for each clip or edit in your tags or categories.

But because there is no end to user needs, there is a feature partly supported (only by Diigo, doesn't exist in ClipClip) I wish to see it complete is the ability to browse all my categories, tags, bookmarks, highlights fully offilne without the need to on-demand querying the server. Preserving a complete local copy of clippings and doing synchronization periodically will be more than great.

P.S. I don't know why (the non-integrated) Google Bookmarks and Google Notebook are far away from the fast pace of development by small (or very small) innovative companies. The same way like slow pace of Google Doc & Spreadsheet in comparison to Zoho's online Office. Or maybe giants don't care about competition and just wait to swallow one of these startups like Yahoo that acquired !