Tuesday, June 21, 2005

to edit vi options : edit this file:
vi ~/.vimrc
colorscheme morning
set nowrap
set smartindent
" set hls!
set ignorecase
To update your object files:
  • if you changed the source file (.cpp) only, run:
    make install
  • if you change header files, run:
    make clobber install {removes all except source files} (or)
    make clean install {removes only .o files}
  • also you can use rm
    rm *.o
see more info at
Introduction to "make"
to show/hide line numbers in vi, type:

: set number (show)
: set number! (hide)
CPPUNIT bug on RedHat 9

Monday, June 20, 2005

to create a thread: you have to pass a name (address) of a function to pthread_create that is:
  • static
  • take void * as argument
  • retuns void *
--> static function must use static member data only because it is a static method that can't be dependent on any instance object of the class, so which data of which object shall it use ?? so it must use static data that is seen by all object
take care of the order of include files, order them according to dependency.. otherwise, you'l get compilation errors